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ALE-test system

Aeration and Liquid Exchange test system.
ALE-test and control box with cell oven for relaxation, EB 21
Manufacturer: Elastocon AB

The newest addition for ageing rubber materials during stress relaxation tests, is called the ALE-test and has been developed by Elastocon AB in Sweden. ALE-test stands for Aeration and Liquid Exchange test. This means that it is now possible to have both aeration and liquid exchange during a stress relaxation test.

The ALE-test system is purchased as a complement/accessory for use with a stress relaxation system for continuous testing.

Using the ALE-test system for relaxation means that a special relaxation rig is put inside the container in the same way as normal liquid test is performed. The difference is that this special stress relaxation rig has both a propeller for mixing in the air in the liquid, as well as for stirring the liquid in the container.

The liquid is pumped in at the bottom and out in the upper part of the container, this contributes to an even liquid distribution within the container together with the stirrer function and ensures that the sample is always fully covered by the liquid.

The inflow of the liquid is controlled from the PLC touch screen on the control box, and the air flow is controlled with the flowmeter on the same box.

PDF-symbolDownload product specifications: db-ale-test.pdf

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