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 Impact and flexibility testingimpact-testing

The Impact Tester is a widely used device for the coating and plastic industries. In both industries impact resistance is measured by a falling weight from a controlled distance.

For plastic materials the force is increased until structural failure occurs. In the case of a coated surface, failure will appear as a crack in the paint film.

The impact tester creates a deformation in the surface that can also be used to measure a coating’s flexibility.

For a coating to perform properly during use, the paint must have the proper amount of flexibility to withstand cracking under stress.

A common test for paint flexibility is bending a coated panel over a cylindrical or conical shaped bar in a mandrel bender. The cupping tester is another coating flexibility tester that slowly pushes a round punch through a coated panel until cracking occurs in the paint film. The degree of bending or deformation of the coated surface is measured to assess the coating flexibility.

BYK-Gardner offers a wide variety of models and accessories for both impact and flexibility testing.


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Conical Mandrel Tester

For coating flexibility testing.

Product details

Coverall Bend and Impact Tester

Tests the flexibility and impact...

Product details

Cupping Tester

Highly precise instrument to test for...

Product details

Cylindrical Mandrel Tester – ISO/ASTM

Simple and quick test for the...

Product details

Heavy-Duty Impact Tester

Has a very versatile design to comply...

Product details

ISO Impact Tester

Specifically designed for ISO method...

Product details

Light-Duty Impact Tester

Used for products that are easily...

Product details

Mechanical Cupping Tester

For testing of elongation and...

Product details

SPI Extra Heavy-Duty Impact Tester

Developed in cooperation with the...

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