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Hardness Testing Equipment

Coating hardness is the resistance of a coating to a mechanical force such as pressure, rubbing, or scratching. There are many hardness measurement devices
available depending upon the end use application. Hardness testing equipment can range for an economical scratch tester to a stationary indentation hardness device.

BYK-Gardner offers several portable hardness testers for in the field applications as well as laboratory bench models. Selecting the correct instrument depends on the coating’s end-use application and level of precision needed in your test results.

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Buchholz Indentation Tester

The Buchholz tester is a reliable test...

Product details

byko-cut universal

Measures paint coating thickness, paint...

Product details

Hardness Tester Dur-O-Test

The DUR-O-Test uses a needle under an...

Product details

Pencil Hardness Tester Wolf-Wilburn

For scratch hardness tests to determine...

Product details

Pendulum Hardness Tester

Very precise measurement of hardness...

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