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Paint application onto a drawdown chart requires a highly precise coating applicator to achieve a consist dry paint film. Coating applicators can be a bar applicator or wire wound bar. The gap clearance and film width are important dimensions to consider when selecting a bar applicator. For wire wound rod applicators the wet film thickness, wire diameter, and film width should be considered.

In North America wire wound bars are described as mayer rods; the single clearance bar applicators are described as a bird bar.

There is large selection of multi-clearance coating applicators that can be used for many types of paint applications. BYK-Gardner offers a wide selection of bar applicators.

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Film Applicators

4-Sided Applicator

A versatile bar applicator with...

Product details

Applicator Frame

For low viscosity coatings, the...

Product details

Bar Film Applicators

Designed for easy cleaning and...

Product details

Double Bar Film Applicator

With two gap clearances.

Product details

Film Casting Knife

With adjustable gap clearances for...

Product details

Square Frame Applicator

8 gap clearances in one frame and a...

Product details

U Bar Applicator

Channels the coating for an accurate...

Product details

Wire-wound Rods 200 mm

Film width 200 mm.

Product details

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