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Paint Adhesion Testers

In order to perform satisfactorily, coatings must adhere to the substrates on which they are applied.

There are three different adhesion test procedures to assess the resistance of paints to separate from the substrate.

  • The cross cut test, also described as cross-hatch, uses a blade to cut through the coating to the substrate. At least two cuts are made that intersect at 90 degrees to get a right angle lattice pattern. The cross-cut area is observed for any adhesion failure.
  • The second method to test the coating adhesion is using a stylus or loop that an increasing amount of weight is applied until the coating is removed from the substrate.
  • The third method called pull-off adhesion, measures the amount of tensile stress to pull the coating off the substrate. A dolly is glued to the coating surface.
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Measures paint coating thickness, paint...

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Cross-Cut Tester Kit

Parallel Groove Adhesion Test

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PosiTest pull-off adhesion tester

Measure paint adhesion on metal, wood...

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