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Color Perception color intro

Ten million! That is the number of different colors that we can distinguish. No wonder we cannot remember colors well enough to identify a particular shade. However, the quality criterion “color” is becoming more and more important in every industry.

Uniform color influences customers’ likes and dislikes. This is of particular importance when the individual components of the final product are manufactured at different company sites, or even more complicated when several suppliers are involved. Nevertheless, in the end the color must be right.

Visual color perception is influenced by different color sensitivities from person to person (mood, age, etc.), varying environments such as lightness and color, as well as the deficiency to communicate and document color and color differences.

These shortcomings can only be solved by using color instrumentation with internationally specified color systems. This guarantees objective description of colored objects. Color perception is dependent on the interaction of three elements:

color perception

For objective color control solid colors are measured by single angle spectrophotometers
whereas effect finishes require multi-angle spectrophotometers that simulate different
viewing angles and lighting conditions.

For visual color assessment use of a light booth allows to see what the product will
look like under different lighting conditions in a controlled environment.

Color of transparent liquids can quickly be evaluated with visual color comparators or
objectively measured by reliable spectrophotometers.

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