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Xplore is the front runner in developing, producing and marketing micro compounding and shaping instruments. These instruments are utilized for formulation development and screening of polymer materials and blends, polymer composites, biomedical applications, low bioavailable or slow release pharmaceuticals (HME), energetic materials and nutritional products.

Xplore can help you with small scale mixing instruments (extruders and compounders), injection moulding, fiber spinning and conditioning and film casting instruments. Their equipment excels in durability, reliability and ease of use. Xplore’s conical twin screw compounders can be equipped with proprietary rheological software that provides the screw torque in the melt, the melt viscosity, the shear rate and shear stress. In addition they have developed a proprietary protocol to guide you with up scaling your recipe to larger scale, parallel twin screw extruders.

Xplore started in the 90s within the research section of DSM – a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials – to develop and build unique processing instruments for internal R&D departments of commodity and engineering plastics.

Since March 2014, Xplore spun out of DSM to become an independent, privately owned company, officially named Xplore Instruments BV. This enables the company to be even more dedicated to the core business: developing, (custom) manufacturing and marketing the best micro processing and post die shaping instruments in the world.

Elastocon represents Xplore in the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Finland


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