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Hot Set Tester, EB 16-II

According to IEC 811-2-1
Manufacturer: Elastocon AB

EB 16-II, Hot Set Tester, is made for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 811-2-1. To avoid too high temperature loss when inserting and cutting the samples, the samples are introduced through a small opening in the top of the oven. To get a suitable working height and no shake the samples furing insertion, the oven is fixed and the sample holder moves up and down by a servo motor driven screw system.

The oven has a controlled air exchange rate and low air speed which can be controlled by a flow meter, meeting the requirements for ageing ovens in IEC 811.

Measurments are made through the window with a laser pointer mounted on a measuring scale placed on the door. The window can be taken apart for cleaning.

When measuring the elongation with a push on a button on the scale the measured values are entered in a spreadsheet template. The set is measured outside the oven with a digital caliper also connected to the computer.

A finished report can then be produced in a spreadsheet software.

Both the computer as well as clamps and weights for 8 samples are included.


Comply to following standards: IEC 811-2-1 and other technical equivalent standards.

Temperature range

 +40 °C to +250 °C


Some of the Hot Set test best features:

  • ±0,25 °C temperature variation in time and space
  • Very low ownership cost during a 5 or 10 years period of time
  • Controlled air exchange rate and low air speed
  • The oven is controlled from a PLC (with a colour touch screen)
  • Temperature indicator in the inner chamber
  • Temperature controller with 0,1 °C set point
  • Cooling channels in the casing for low surface temperature
  • Run-time meter (PLC)
  • 2 timers for timing the during the test (PLC)
  • The sample holder moves up and down by a servo motor
  • Adjustable over and under temperature limits with alarm
  • Flowmeter with needle valve, for setting the air exchange rate
  • Laser pointer for measuring the elongation

PDF-symbolDownload product specifications: db-hot-set-testers.pdf

Watch our video about the Hot Set Tester EB 16-II

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