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Cable Testing

Elastocon manufactures instruments for testing of Rubber and Plastic materials. Some of
our instruments meet the special requirements for testing of cables, according to IEC 811.

Ageing Ovens

The cell Ovens EB 01-II, EB 19 and EB 20 together with the cabinet ovens EB 04-II and
EB 10-II meet and exceed the requirements of IEC 811 for ageing tests on cable materials.

Click here and read more about ageing ovens

Specimen preparation

Taking dumbbells from a cable sheath is a big problem due to the curling of the sample
making the cutting of clean samples difficult. Elastocon has a solution for this problem.
By using a guiding rod in our pneumatic or manual cutting presses, the cutting die can
stand on the sample and still be guided by the cutting press.

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Click here and read more about cutting dies, EP 04

Hot Set system

Elastocon has developed a semi-automatic Hot Set System according to IEC 811,
as an ageing oven is required.

The system is based on one of our ageing oven.

Click here and read more about the Hot Set System

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